Wk2-Art Experience-Plaster Casting

The plaster casting experience was super fun & interesting! The hardest part of the whole project was taking my hand out of the sand mold perfectly without sand falling back into it. I took multiple molds of my hand before pouring the plaster just in case some did not turn out correctly. After pouring the mixed plaster into the molds I waited 30 minutes then carefully dug around the molds & pulled them out. I did not bring a paint brush to brush off my plaster casting so I just brushed it off with my hand. When I got home I then used a paint brush to take away the excess sand stuck to the plaster casting . Two of the the molds turned out good but I decided to only keep one. The mold I made of my hand was a peace sign. I chose a peace sign because peace is positive & being positive about life is key. Before this project I did not know you could do something like this with plaster. It would be fun to go back to the beach on my free time and do other hand gestures or try my foot!IMG_14771.Mixing the Paster with waterIMG_39842.Letting the plaster set in the moldsIMG_39913.Brushing off the sandIMG_3987JPEG image-9EF655BDAE99-14.Final Product!IMG_40615.After, I used a paint brush to brush off the sand.IMG_4062


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