WK3-Art Experience-Snapchat

In my Snapchat experience I took pictures and added my own touch to them. I wanted my classmates to visualize who I am. I drew me sitting in a tree with little bees flying above me because I love nature and just hanging around and relaxing. IMG_1764My other snapchat art is of one of my bunnies, Charlie, I outlined his ears and his nose. When I imagine a bunny I imagine the face little kids draw of a bunny with the whiskers and the ears sticking up, that is why I drew that face on my bunny. I also shaded the grass a little brighter shade of green because bright colors are more appealing and happy! IMG_4175The two Snapchats I screen shotted from fellow classmates were pictures of photos in the art exhibits with meaning full captions, emojis and drawing on the snaps.

The first snap a classmate posted on their story was of a photo taken somewhere abroad of the life style people live in different countries. The emojis in the snap are a piece of cake, a dinner plate with a fork and knife, a baby bottle, and a drink cup. The text on the picture says,”& I complain about not having hot water in the morning”. My classmate is saying that we shouldn’t complain about little things because our country actually has it really easy. Some other countries do not have a reliable source of water, food, or living environment.IMG_1766 The other Snapchat art by my fellow classmate was of a collage photo that had women with children on it. It said,” I always thought I’d be a mom. Sometimes I wish for a mistake. The longer I wait the more selfish that I get. Now all those simple things are simply too complicated for my life. How’d I get so faithful to my freedom? A selfish kind of life.” My fellow classmate wrote on the picture, “Preach, Yaaaaaaaas hella same af”. This image says a lot about women and how they choose to live their lives. It portrays a deep message about a women who wishes she had a child instead of procrastinating and falling too much in her own life.IMG_1767


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