wk4-art experience-graffiti writing

For my graffiti writing art experience I used a big rectangle of cardboard(an old tv box), and silver and black spray paint. I did my graffiti writing in Mammoth Lakes,CA out next to the Hot Springs. When thinking how I was going to create my master piece I did not think about not having enough room to fit my whole name. So, after writing “eliz” I decided to just add a flower because I could not fit the rest of my name on the cardboard. I chose a flower because I love plants and flowers, and that is a way to express who I am within a piece of art. I chose to use black and silver spray paint because I wanted to stay with a neutral color palette so it did not pop out too much but still look awesome. While doing this I learned that doing graffiti art is not as easy as it looks. I had an image in my head while writing out my name but could not figure out how to make it look how I wanted too. I looked up examples of graffiti lettering and still could not figure out how to perfect it. So the lettering I used was my normal hand writing.7gkrrigIMG_4259IMG_4257IMG_1891


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