wk5-art experience- Cuisine

For my art experience this week I chose cuisine. It was hard to choose what medium to use because they all are super interesting and fun! I was actually debating between cuisine and couture because I am a fashion merchandising major and I thought it would be fun to  go to a thrift shop and put an outfit together. But, I chose cuisine because I love food and I find it very appealing to the eye when my plate of food is “created” not just thrown on the plate. I chose to make art out of sushi because it is one of my favorite foods. I first made the 2 Hello Kitties and the 2 bunnies out of rice, seaweed and Sriracha. I wanted to first make my sushi rolls into Hello Kitty faces but found that very difficult to do. After making the faces I wanted to make sushi rolls to go on the plate. I made the sushi rolls with seaweed, rice, ahi, crab mix, cucumber, and avocado. It was difficult for me to roll it after I was done putting all the ingredients onto the seaweed. After rolling the sushi up, I carefully cut it into bite size pieces and put it on the plate. I found this assignment to be fun because I have always wanted to make Hello Kitty sushi. Next time I might want to try to make an actual Hello Kitty sushi roll.

Preparing the cucumber, seaweed pieces, & avocado
Molding the faces with rice
Preparing the sushi roll
Finished product of the hello kitty and bunny faces
Inside of sushi roll



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