wk6-art experience-Photo Walk

For the photo walk, my guide Dorothy McMahon took us to the different water displays around campus including the H2O fountain at Brotman Hall and The Japanese Gardens. While walking it got very hot but it was very interesting. I thought the photo walk was a good way to spend class time. My favorite part of the walk was at the H2O fountain. There was two ducks hanging around the fountain and ended up taking a swim in the fountain. I have never seen ducks in any of the fountains before.While taking photographs I was looking for greenery and my main focus was making sure there were no glares in my photos. The sun was straight up in the sky and it was difficult to take a photo without a glare. I thought the walk would have been better if there was water in the first fountain. I was bummed that the fountain was drained out. IMG_2130IMG_2144IMG_2174IMG_2171IMG_2162IMG_2155


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