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Aurora is a Goddess from Netherland. She fights off bad guys with her awesome pink necklace. The pink necklace has a super power that is unknown to the rest of the world. The pink necklace keeps peace in the world she controls. She is super excited to be the Goddess of Netherland and is always happy.

  1. General Scooter Perkins: Perkins is my sidekick canine. We go hand in hand and keep bad guys away from my land and his galaxy. Those who are not with us that are against us turn into good people because of my super powerful pink necklace.

2. Mr. Darhk: A mysterious character with no identity. He is a bad guy I am trying to find to turn into good with my necklace

3. Steve Patrofski: I will turn him into good with my necklace. I will make him visit his family or fly them to LA to visit him while he makes his great, great, great grandmothers tacos.



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