wk9-Artist Conversation- Will Brigham

Artist: Will Brigham
Exhibition: Altered Carbon
Media: wood, metal base(copper,brass)
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi
Website: theartificery.com
Instagram: theartificery

Will Brigham is in his last semester at CSULB and transferred three years ago from OCC. He is from Huntington Beach, California and is in the BFA Metals program. Im his free time he spearfishes, but that also requires working with metals because he makes his own speargun in his workshop. Will Brigham started knife work about five years ago and grew interest for his passion he has now with metals. I asked him what his inspiration was and he said, “to make cool stuff”. He says while working with metals he always hurts himself and has scars to show it. He also has a studio off campus of his own.

Will Brigham’s work consisted of knifes, rings, and others geometrically shaped things like a rose. The media mostly used in his pieces are metals like copper and brass. The knifes are also made out of wood. The colors of his metals are black red, and brown/gold. The knives are mostly black and the other pieces are brown and shiny. The knives ranged from the size of a pairing knife to large like a steak knife. The blades looked sharp and l a lot of detail in them. He said the details in his work are made by layers of metal. One knife could have up to 350 layers. His other piece besides the knives were round. All his pieces looked very smooth.IMG_2488.JPG

Will Brigham seems very passionate about his work and takes much pride. He said his work is all about pattern and effects. He mentioned the worst part of working with metals is grinding metal dust because it gets everywhere but could be cleaned up with a water buckets or a magnet. I found it interested that he said if you are working in a room with white walls you know where all the studs are in the walls because the metal dust sticks to those parts of the walls. Will is considering making a sword in the future. He said the only thing that is holding him back is that heat treating the sword is hard. He said the actual construction of the sword is easy.

I found this exhibit to be one of the most interesting exhibits yet. I could not believe some of his pieces took over 200 hours to make. He explained to me how all his pieces start off as flat layers of high carbon steel and nickel. He said once he gets twenty layers of metal he can turn it into anything. Another thing I learned is once steel is hot it works exactly like clay. I always thought metal was hard to work with when wanting to bend it. I think he should start selling his knives because they are beautiful and a lot of people could agree. I would use his knives and I would wear his rings. His rings are so simple yet different. Before talking to Will Brigham I did not realize how much work goes into making one knife.




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