wk10-art experience- Instagram

This weeks art experience was actually pretty interesting. It was cool to scroll through our “group selfie” and see what everyone does during the day. It is crazy how everyones life is so different even though we all have to go to school sometime during the day. I don’t usually use hash tags because my real account is on private, so it was an experience.

This photo posted by Aaron has a connection to me because we went to lunch together on Thursday.


This picture connects to me because this is one of my favorite drinks at Starbucks! I didn’t think a lot of people would have the same preference as me. Every time I order this drink I get looked at weird, like why do you want a banana in your frap? Because it makes it healthy DUH! 😛

Another picture of nature(:


This “group selfie” relates to me because it has one of the pictures I posted in it, the escalator I go up and down to get to class, flowers, and my boyfriend Aaron.


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