wk12- art experience-location based gaming

To start off my geocaching experience I downloaded the app & looked for geocaches near me.I then found an empty Altoid tin in my room that I had for who knows what reason, and starting looking for little trinkets around the house to put in to the tin with the log book. I found a temporary flower tattoo, a safety pin, a piece of bubble wrap, a keychain, and 1 google eye. My boyfriend , Aaron, and I then rode our bikes to find the geocache we on the bike trail shown on the app. It was hidden in a fence pole in a plumbing tube. We signed our names then went to find places to hide ours. The coordinates for my geocache location are 33.664723, -117.948816. I thought finding a safe hiding spot for my geocache would be easier. I feel like now there can always be a geocache hiding so close to me! I would’ve never thought there was a game like this. I find it super awesome and interesting. I think in my free time I might go looking for more geocaches.

FullSizeRender 11
My geocache
rinding bikes with my boyfriend, Aaron
where I hid my geocache, “High Voltage”



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