wk12-artist conversation-Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen
Exhibition: Succession
Media: print making, digital print, google maps
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: N/A
Instagram: N/A

Jennifer Chen is in her last year here at CSULB in the School of Arts Program. As an undergrad she studied biology but switched majors to help people reflect on art and talk about the different ideas art reveals. Her interests are reflected in her work displayed in this exhibition. Her work merges biology and science with her passion for art. Her exhibition is named after the disturbance of urban scape in landscape and how places change over time.For example how a wild fire can burn down tress and cause a change in landscape.In fall of 2016 she is going to be teaching an art class here at CSULB.

Chen’s work has a dark color scheme yet full of color. There is a lot of detail in her work which can be seen by the layer of texture of her work that makes it seem 3-D.  The texture  on her pieces looks smooth. The lines seem mostly jagged to me and are all different.

Each piece of work is different but all have the same theme. Most of her pieces are from Google maps and she added her own view of the work onto the maps. I think Jennifer is trying to explore the idea of change and how we view the world compared to how the work looks from up above. It takes her about a week to complete all the detail in Photoshop that she puts into her work.

To me her pictures from Google maps look distorted and warped. I have never really put deep though into the concept of change in landscape of our world over time. It makes me wonder what our world will look like over time throughout my life. I wonder how often Google maps updates their “birds eye view” pictures. Jennifer Chen’s art work makes me realize that our world is art. Our world is a master piece created my humans.IMG_3622IMG_3622IMG_0286



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