Wk 14 – Activity Feedback

My 3 favorite activities this semester were  landscape with a corpse, plaster casting, and the graffiti writing. I enjoyed landscape with a corpse because it was a super weird experience to pretend to be dead and the pictures looked awesome. I liked the plaster casting experience because I got to go to the beach and I didn’t think something like this was possible! I have my plaster casted hand sitting on a table in my room. My last favorite experience was the graffiti writing. I wish I had time to go to Venice and paint on the walls and I hope to do that in the future, but I still enjoyed this art experience because my boyfriend Aaron and I did it in Mammoth. It was relaxing and fun!

My 3 least favorite activities this semester were the photo walk, automatic drawing, and moonbase alpha. I enjoyed the photo walk but I did not find it necessary to do because I feel like a lot of us students walk a lot while at school and have noticed all the sights on campus. I didn’t like automatic drawing because It was slow and boring in my opinion. I thought moonbase alpha  was weird and not my type of activity. I did not see how it corresponded with art at all.

Overall this class was probably one of my favorite classes so far at CSULB and I will definitely remember it. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be for an intro to art class but I enjoyed it. I would make this class better by doing more hands on actives like painting.


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