wk14-art experience-sketching in the garden

In these six photos I have three representational sketches and three representational photographs. In the sketches I chose to draw a fish, the pond when I sat infant of the pond and a duck swimming around in the pond. I found it difficult to draw, I’m not a very good drawer and tried my best. The photographs I took were of the pond, of lily pads with a small turtle swimming around, and the landscape in front of me while drawing.

These six photos are all abstract. The abstract sketches above the photographs are of trees in front of me which I think looks like motion. The next sketch is a lily in the water that could be thought of as an onion to me on its side. The last abstract sketch I drew was of a temple. The three abstract photographs I took  I felt were soft and showed attitude. The water also shows movement, the rock is rough, and the moss is blurry and glaring off the water.

I though this art experience was cool, I got to relax while trying to draw on a warm day.  It was also a lot more interesting and fun than I expected before going.


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