wk15-artist conversation-Nancy Young

Artist: Nancy Young
Exhibition: As The Crow Flies
Media: Ink through Relief Printing
Gallery:  CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: N/A

I got to meet Nancy Young, for the last artist conversation I will ever do in Art 110. Nancy is currently an undergrad here at CSULB and is graduating this year with a  BFA in printmaking. This is her final show case she will do at CSULB. On her free time she enjoys listening to music and loves her dog, even though most of Nancy Young’s time is spent working on her art pieces. Young’s art explores her own personal life including peaks, lows, and memories. Young does not plan on making any money on her art pieces.

Young’s art pieces are very detailed and include rough and jagged lines. Some of her pieces are created using zinc plates to carve, giving it a rough textured lines. Nancy Young’s work is mostly black and grey. The portraits of the crows is what drew my eye to this exhibit. They are very detailed and realistic.

Nancy Young’s art pieces represent her personal life. The ups, downs, and memories of the past. One of her inspirations are her dog, which keeps her focused. Another inspiration is the loss of her husband, which is shown in her artwork by sadness, and loss. The crow symbolizes death and departure, correlating with Young’s loss of her husband. All the pieces were once photos she took which she make into art.

Nancy Young’s exhibit brought a lot of feelings to me. I like that she shows her own life experiences and her sadness in her pieces.  Young’s art makes me want to start drawing or painting to show my life experiences. I think it is a good way to “store” your memories and times in your life when you wanted to show some sort of feeling. Nancy is a very strong women and I think it was shown very well in her work. After talking with Nancy, I realized how much her work resembled her and her life.



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